Our Story Begins And Ends With A Suitcase

Nha Trang, Vietnam 12° 17' 26" N | 109° 11' 14" E
Our story begins and ends with a suitcase.
The moment we open our suitcase, we feel it. That jittery joy of what we don’t know.

What we think we will see and what we can’t believe we will see. Who we will meet. How their stories will blow us away.

When we step out of our day-to-day, we step back into this crazy huge world we're all a part of.

Where there are wild cities, confusing signs, monkeys (!!!) and so many things we never thought we would eat.

Where there is beauty, quiet, the blackest skies and the brightest stars. And things that will flip the way you see everything. Forever.

Travel changed us. It continues to change us. Every city. Every itinerary. Every stamp on our passport is a lesson in what it means to be a citizen of this world-a reminder that we have a responsibility to take care of this Earth and the people we meet in it.

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