Our Journey Led Us To Realize How Similar We Are

Nha Trang, Vietnam 12° 17' 26" N | 109° 11' 14" E
"The things we have in common far outnumber and outweigh those that divide us." -Walt Disney 

Sixteen years ago on the opposite side of the globe in a remote coastal clinic without electricity identical twin girls were born. The girls were separated at birth. One was sent to an orphanage. The other remained in the care of a couple living in the coastal village.

In 2002, we traveled to the Khanh Hoa Province in Vietnam to adopt that little girl living in the orphanage. After returning with our daughter, Isabella, we discovered that she had an identical twin. The journey to find her began.

While searching, our eyes were opened to the vast array of people and cultures and traditions that exist across the planet. Our journey led us to realize how similar we are, and yet how very different our surroundings can be. Surroundings that are determined simply by the longitude and latitude in which we are born.

We found our daughter’s identical twin, Ha, in 2008 living in a remote village without infrastructure where her basic needs were not being met. A little girl so similar to her identical twin, yet living a very different kind of life. It was in that moment that we decided to inspire others to travel. To become citizens of the world. To seek adventure. To seek ways to do good. And Bella | Ha was created.

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