Tanzania is home to both the highest mountain in African (and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world!) and one of the countries with the least access to electricity anywhere on earth (just eight countries fall below Tanzania where only fifteen percent of the population has access to electricity!).
Twenty-five thousand trekkers a year choose between the Marangu Route (the most popular and believed to be the easiest!) and the Umbwe Route (said to be the most difficult, but has the most spectacular views!) to summit Kilimanjaro. Twice that number of mothers and babies die in childbirth in Tanzania every year.
Life in Tanzania is a continuum. Preparation for submitting Kilimanjaro and delivering a baby in Tanzania, months of anticipation for one life changing moment. But while thousands of dollars are spent to summit Kilimanjaro (from flights to gear to guides!), the maternity bag of a Tanzanian mother arriving at a clinic without electricity contains nothing more than well loved clothes for baby, a blanket, a basin, and a flask for tea. One life changing moment that is extraordinarily beautiful as trekkers summit Kilimanjaro and devastatingly tragic for mothers and babies.
And that's why we're doing everything we can to support infant and maternal health in Tanzania. #iseetheworld #lighteverybirth
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