"Wine is a passport to the world." -Thom Elkjer

Nha Trang, Vietnam 12° 17' 26" N | 109° 11' 14" E
"Wine is a passport to the world." -Thom Elkjer

Traveling opens your eyes to the vast array of people and cultures and traditions that exist across this shrinking planet. It makes you realize that your world does not end at the edges of your day-to-day life, but that it exists in so many different climates and colors and geographies and textures. And there is so much to be learned and appreciated from these vast differences.

As technology spreads, the world gets smaller and smaller and we grow closer and closer to our neighbors. Getting fresh water to a remote village in Uganda is not as hard as it was even 10 years ago. Things are continually getting better, but we are far from perfect. We are fortunate to have been born into a world where we don’t have to want for too much. And because of this, and because of the awareness we gain from visiting other places, we have a responsibility (and the opportunity!) to help out.

We believe that because we live here, because we are a member of this super huge community called mankind, we have a responsibility to take care of this grand place we call earth, and the people we meet in it. And we exist to invite people to join in and become a citizen of the world themselves.

When you travel, you collect stories and experiences that become part of your character. Like Henry Rollins said, Ohhhhhh. For many people, it’s an awakening. It breaks down preconceived notions and inspires in so many ways.

Travel is fun. It’s a win win. 

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