Fitting information

General Details

  • Made in Italy
  • Bold, colorful design
  • Salmon skin strap, real leather insole and rubber sole & heel
  • Attention to detail and uncompromising quality

Salmon Details

  • Nanai salmon leather, made in Germany utilizing a 100% chrome-free tanning process
The vegetable tanning method is not only more ecologically sound than most leather tanning methods but also non-allergenic
Vegetable extracts like roots, barks or fruits are used for tanning and coloring, which generate an unique brown/red colored base/finished product

  • The Nanai tanning process ensures that the natural structure and organic beauty of the salmon skin is preserved

  • The color intensity or lightness as well as the softness can change during time and give the leather an unique and individual character

  • Salmon are raised on certified organic farms in Ireland in compliance with animal welfare standards
Since the skins are a natural by-product of the salmon industry, the fish are not specifically bred for their skin. The making of salmon leather gives new life to a once bi-product of salmon fishing


  • Nanai leather can be treated as suede: do not clean with water or bleach

Size Guide

  • Whole sizes only

  • EU sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 
  • size conversion chart 

Be sure to measure foot while standing to calculate inches and cm