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“A New Brand of Flip-Flops Comes With a Charitable Bent. Brightly colored, made sustainable of salmon skin, and with a charitable element, Bella Ha’s chic sandals are a no-brainer for those opting in on the style this summer. Whether you plan on wearing yours to channel the desert stompers from Louis Vuitton's Resort collection or are thinking to go a seaside route á la Dior, there's a clear pair of thongs worth trying out.”

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“Flip Flops That Give Back. The amazing story of twins who were reunited after being separated at birth and the company that was created in their honor.”

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“Flip Flop Brand to Watch: Bella Ha. The line consists of a single flip-flop silhouette in a range of colors inspired by Khánh Hòa province in southern Vietnam, which is identified by a metal tag with map coordinates.”

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“This New Shoe Line Helps to Save Babies. Charitable shopping is a popular concept with consumers for obvious reasons: Buy a product, help the world. Companies like Warby Parker, Toms and Feed Projects have struck a chord. And now there’s a new brand on the block: Bella | Ha.”

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“Good Morning Sunshine. Not your typical sandal, these salmonskinned thongs come in a variety of exclusively dyed colors.”

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"Bella | Ha sandals aren't just a fashion statement; they're also funding lifesaving solar suitcases around the world. Solar Suitcases are simple in concept but their impact is staggering. Powered by solar panels attached to health clinics' roofs, these suitcases, when opened, contain a high-powered light that can shine for up to 20 hours. Having a reliable source of light allows medical professionals the ability to perform complicated procedures, even during the night.”

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