Our Culture

Our Culture

Our company is made up of people from all over this wild world because we want to be a brand whose vision is made up of many perspectives. We love how different our people are and the weird and wonderful paths that led each of us here.

Keely + Mick Solimene, Visionaries

Travel Mantra:

The most memorable moments of any vacation are often not on the itinerary. 

Greatest Adventure (So Far)

I had been in Central Vietnam with my husband and four kids for about a week.  We had spent the day at the Khanh Hoa Province Government offices adopting our two youngest kids.  We were now a colossal family of five girls ages three to fourteen and an eight-year-old boy. It had taken longer than we had expected, so our plans to take the one-hour Vietnam Airlines flight to Ho Chi Minh City were long gone. Our very first adventure as a family of eight was about to begin. 

That evening we headed down the hill from our hotel past the French Gothic style Cathedral to the Nha Trang Railway Station.  Our two youngest girls speaking fluent Vietnamese with no idea what was going on, our three oldest girls in their wedged sandals and conical hats pulling rolling suitcases (because that’s what teenage girls do when visiting Southeast Asia!) and our only boy exploring every corner of this new world.

As the station came into sight, we were sure that all ninety million Vietnamese had decided to travel by train that evening.  The station was an explosion of color with the vast array of girls in their traditional Vietnamese dress, Ao Dai.  We had bought tickets for the 411-kilometer trek to Ho Chi Minh City, an eight-hour night train dubbed the Reunification Express by the Vietnamese Government.  While not the Orient Express, we thought a romantic way to travel through the Central Highlands of Vietnam as a new family of eight. 

As we waited on the station platform for our train to arrive, we took in the fragrance of the traditional Pho soup being sold on the sidewalks and the noise of what seemed to be a million motorbikes on the streets.  A train pulled into the station on a track in the distance and our guide explained that that was our train, asked us to climb down onto the tracks and cross to the platform where our train waited.  We obliged our guide and joined a few other Vietnamese passengers in this rudimentary process (in our wedges, conical hats and rolling suitcases!).  Just as we all climbed up onto the platform a train rolled onto the tracks we had just crossed.  While we took in the speed at which this train arrived and it’s proximity to where we were standing (just a few inches away!), the Vietnamese passengers that had been waiting on the station platform began clamoring beneath this newly arrived train to the platform where we stood.  This was our introduction to the black market where multiple tickets are sold for the same seats.  While we never boarded the Reunification Express for our romantic trip through the Central Highlands of Vietnam, we all had the exhilarating experience of authentic Vietnamese travel. 

Arianna Solimene, Social

What have you learned from travel/other cultures?

For me, I love learning about different types of people and different cultures. During my travels, I find that my greatest adventures/experiences come from talking to a cab driver, a tour guide or the people I meet on the streets. 

Charlotte Baroody, Fashion

What do I love most about traveling?

Traveling for me is the equivalent of being born. It is like asking me  if I would like to be put in a world of discovery where there are endless possibilities, languages, food, mothers, fathers, happiness, sadness, hope, laughter and all of those things that make places become homes. I want to plunge into their roots and dance within their cultures. Of course I want to peer inside that and hold a natives hand and learn that about them and us about each other. We are one.

Josephine Solimene, Publicity

Where do you want to travel next?

Currently my 4-year-old daughter is into collecting rocks, she spends hours cleaning them and organizing them. Recently a neighbor gave her a bunch of shells to add to the collection and she was so excited.  For our next family adventure I would love to take her shelling on Sanibel Island.  I think the Conch Shells and sand dollars would blow her away.  The only problem is that I am not sure we would have enough room in our suitcase for the amount she would want to bring home.

Luca Villani, Production

What have you learned from travel/other cultures?

By always socializing wherever I travel, I’ve gotten the chance to glimpse and appreciate different ways of seeing the world.  This has particularly helped me in regard to design as it caused me to consider different vantage points I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of otherwise, thereby enriching my creativity by enabling me to tackle problems differently and consequently provide alternative solutions.

Meghan DeRoma, Creative

What have you learned from travel/other cultures?

Travel can be the greatest teacher. There have been so many moments that have opened my eyes to people and culture. It’s amazing to see the history of a place come out through their food and crafts. And I have learned that there are many beautiful objects and flavors you can bring back from a place, but you can also bring back inspiration and ideas, which can lead to the spreading of the good of your experiences to others. The benefits of seeing the world can reach way more people than just you!