We Care Solar

When you buy a pair of Bella | Ha shoes you help us send solar suitcases to an area of the world in need.

What’s a solar suitcase? It’s a portable, suitcase-like device that equips off-the-grid medical clinics with solar power so they can have light.

In more places than you can imagine, women give birth to children in darkness. This contributes to high infant and maternal mortality rates in impoverished regions.

By the simple act of providing solar power, these clinics will now have medical and surgical lighting, as well as power to charge cell phones and essential medical devices.

We have partnered with We Care Solar to distribute these life-saving solar suitcases. Each new collection of Bella | Ha shoes will support clinics in a new area of the world. Our initial collection, the Khanh Hoa collection, will benefit clinics in the Khánh Hòa Hoa province in Vietnam.

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